International Peace Innovation Centre

India's first Startup University, Swarnim Startup & Innovation University (SSIU); Dr. Mukund Patel (Peace Entrepreneur); and Dr. Katsuya Kodama, General Secretary of Japan's International Peace Research Association have founded an International Peace Innovation Center for the first time in India at Gandhinagar, Gujarat on 2nd July 2017

Dr. Kodama from Japan, who is the General Secretary of International Peace Research Association (IPRA), was influenced by the Gandhian ideas of India. He believed this idea can be combined with the Japanese Zen meditation and urged the University to start a new Peace Research Center in India. He further added that in today’s mechanically controlled era, Gandhi's ideas can be very useful to get the youth out of mental stress. Establishment of International Peace Innovation Center at this SSIU is based on harmonizing the concept of Gandhi's non- violent thoughts and Buddha’s concept of devotion to nature.

Mr. Adi Jain (Vice President – SSIU) stated that “this center will attempt to reduce psychological and social stress in youth which will be done by Zen Meditation, Indian Yoga Vidya, and Pranayam. Efforts will be made to reduce stress by using natural resources in the natural environment. Strategic tie-up for Development Peace Idea of India and Japan is key agenda of MOU. There will be a team of Swarnim Startup & Innovation University, Mr. Kodama of Japan and IPRA who will guide various activities. Special courses of the duration of 3 to 6 months will run in different languages and will provide a common platform to different countries. Moreover, IPRA and Swarnim Startup & Innovation University have jointly taken a step to help rural areas of India. University has signed one more MOU according to which, they will purify polluted water of rural area and will make it fit to drink by using Japanese techniques. This technique is only available with Japan in the world. This will help villagers to reuse water in farming and other routine work. This will purify polluted water and transform it into drinkable water in rural areas of India. Apart from this, the students of the University will also get the best chance to conduct their research with the various country-wise peace researchers and experts in this center. The International Conference and Strategic workshop will be organized by the center in which country-wide Peace Researchers will participate. Thus a joint effort between India and Japan will help to gain peace in the world. Through this tie-up, all the startup technologies available with Japan will now be available at Swarnim Startup & Innovation University and students will get the good advantage of it.”


Being India’s first Start-up and Innovation University we have founded India’s first International Peace Innovation Centre to facilitate fertile ecosystem to nurture and promote creativity and innovation focused on creating, recreating i.e. sustaining peace at Individual to global level. The prime objective of IPIC is to focus on resolving burning issues and fulfillment of needs of individuals and nations for a sustainable development.


We are following a learner-centered methodology and liberal curriculum which is perhaps an evolving area in the higher education. We strongly encouraging a legitimate interest of the learner and society at large that results into a peaceful change.

Peace Innovations have been undertaken through innovations in following areas : Peace


Peace Science

Peace Arts & Designs

Peace Economy

Peace Communication

Peace Management

Peace Literature and Language

Peace Village

Peace Journalism

Peace Education


International Peace Innovation Centre offers innovative, holistic, and specialized multi-disciplinary programs based on a learner-centered approach i.e. Experiential and Participatory Peace Pedagogy. The Centre will offer short-term as well as long term age-specific services and programs i.e. different learning activities and programs for different age groups.

International Peace Innovation Centre offers Certificate, Graduate, Post-Graduate and Research programs which cover Peace and Peace related areas and discover new areas of peace. The Centre will organize conferences, seminars, workshops and training programs for leaders, business executives, educators at all levels, Government staff, other professional audiences, NGOs and community.

The scope of the programs includes :



Social Sciences and Humanities–Peace



Pure Sciences–Science–Peace

Technology–Applied Sciences–Peace



History, Geography, Travels-Peace

Subject Areas for Trainings, Workshops, and Seminars include :

Cross-cultural Communication


Human rights education

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Prevention

Conflict Management

Team Management

Peace Education

Forthcoming Programs & Events Will be announced soon…


Dr. Mukund Patel,

Ph.D. (Peace Research)
E-mail: ipic@ssiu.ac.in


If you are interested in serving as a Volunteer or an Intern feel free to contact us.

Please send your Resume or CV at ipic@ssiu.ac.in

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